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Crimson Fusion Gaming Community // GENERAL NEWS

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    Crimson Fusion Gallery

    28 November 2016 , by Turd

    If you have pictures of your gameplay that you want to show off to the rest of the community, just send it in an e-mail to cfgamingcomm@gmail.com. We will then post the pictures onto our gallery page for all to see! Happy Gaming, Turd

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    Pax East Attendees!

    28 November 2016 , by Turd

    Hello Everyone Going to Pax East, I will be posting updates on the itinerary for the Pax East trip and everyone’s share on costs. Information for Pax East Address –Boston Convention & Exhibition Center 415 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210– –What is Pax?– –Pax East Official Website– –Tickets for Pax ...

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    Welcome to Our Community

    25 November 2016 , by Turd

    Crimson Fusion Gaming is a mature gaming community built around respect of one another and the games we play. Our gamer community consists of a vast genre. We are always looking to recruit other open-minded gamers who want to have fun and experience a Family like community. Crimson Fusion Discord Crimson Fusion Facebook Crimson Fusion Twitter

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